MIL-A-8625F Type II
Class 1 (Clear) or 2 (Color)

What is anodizing?

Brightly-colored metal pieces on a reflective surface.

Clear or color aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that produces a hard, clear oxide layer (< 0.0007″ thick) on the surface of the metal. This hard oxide layer is extremely porous. It looks like honeycomb or a metal sponge when viewed under a high-powered microscope.

To color the metal, dye or ink is deposited and sealed into the pore structure. Sealing improves corrosion protection, locks in the color, and stabilizes the surface.

Why anodize?

Gold metal piece

Because of its low cost, sulfuric anodizing is commonly specified for many engineered aluminum components requiring protection from minimum wear and corrosion. Sulfuric acid anodizing provides comparable corrosion resistance to chromic (Type I) acid anodizing, but it offers better wear characteristics.

Color Options

Color is often a critical component of a finished part. Our color specialists have developed proven methods and formulas to ensure accuracy, conformity and consistency for all your color requirements. We are experts at customizing and color matching. Choose from our 13 standard colors, or consult our specialists regarding customizing and color matching.

Anodizing color options: Gold, Orange, Golden Orange, Bordeaux, Pink, Royal Blue, OD Green, Green, Blue Gray, Gray, Clear, Camo Brown and Black

The colors represented above are a digital approximation, not an exact representation. Please call us with any questions regarding our color anodizing.