Custom Services

Allow Global Metal Finishing to save your company time. In addition to our basic finishes, Global Metal Finishing offers a number of additional services to optimize your product’s quality and functionality.

Acid Etch
Chemically achieve a non-reflective, matte surface by acid etching. This proprietary chemistry is recommended over the standard etch to remove oil, natural oxidation and grim.
Bead Blasting
We recommend one of two options for bead blasting. Choose from aluminum oxide or glass beads. Run at a very low psi, the aluminum oxide will cover minor scratches, while the glass bead creates a soft matte finish.
Intricate Masking
Our masking department is second to none. We’ve gained the highest level of expertise in protecting areas of a part that do not need to be anodized or hardcoated. What is our secret? Verifying your requirements!
TeflonTM Impregnation
Need a frictionless surface? TeflonTM impregnation is applied to an unsealed or sealed surface. It locks onto the surface of the oxide layer created during anodizing and is extremely difficult to remove.
Laser Engraving
Need part marking? Laser engraving is the least expensive way to identify parts. Send us your print, and we’ll be happy to get you a quote.
Prototype Testing
OEMs often need an engineered part created for a trial run. We understand the urgency and the special handling that is required to satisfy this important part of manufacturing.
Coating Analysis, Repair, & Removal
We can provide you with specific tests for coating analysis: tabor abrasion testing, salt spray testing, and coating weight. There are times when repairs are required to get a machine or engine up and running. Our trained personnel can handle any repair or coating removal.
100% Inspection
Global Metal Finishing offers 100% inspection coming in from your plant and 100% inspection going from ours. This added service insures that parts that need exact handling get it! Call for pricing.
Customized packing & Vacuum sealing
Our nitrogen vacuum sealer, which is the cleanest form of sealing, can accommodate parts as big as 12’’ long. Include all details on your quote request.
Technical Support for Manufacturing Design & Fabrication
Occasionally, we are required to provide professional consulting services specifically serving OEMs for process specific writing, communication plans and details on machining to compensate the oxide build up. Please speak to us about your requirements.